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Mobile apps are here to stay and are now a must for many brands and businesses. However, the best way to acquire and maintain active users is to offer interesting content to the target audience, on a regular basis.
Thus, it is important to simplify content management processes and centralize all the contents and relevant information, allowing easy and aided insertion, categorization and dissemination in the desired channels ( site, facebook, SMS, app, push notification, among others).

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This includes an institutional portal and mobile apps (iOS + Android), managed from the backoffice of the most commonly used content management system ever – WordPress. Thus, it becomes simple and comfortable to broadcast any content in the various digital channels of the institution.


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According to, push notifications can increase app retention rates by more than 40%, so it’s becoming increasingly important to maintain an active presence on this channel to energize the brand’s digital content and optimize ROI. Integration with the OneSignal platform, used by services such as Uber, allows content to be disseminated by push notification (browsers and app), comfortably from the same backoffice used to manage the site and apps contents.


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The analytics system included in the ionic framework, coupled with properly configured Google Analytics across multiple channels, provides a detailed view of the reach and return of the brand digital communication, enabling digital marketing and communication strategies to be tuned in a sustained improvement logic.


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The technologies used in the development of this solution – WordPress and ionic – are open-source and have millions of contributors, allowing this solution to be modified and adapted to various realities, without licensing costs or annuities.


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