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GCP is a public Procurement Management Platform which includes tools to comply with the current legislation, also contributing actively to the compliance with good practices and obligations in regard to management and monitoring of the implementation of public contracts.

It provides additional security for public entities and their top management, contract managers (internal or external) and all those involved in the execution of public contracts, facilitating the fulfilment of their obligations with rigor and efficiency.

.context {

The revision of the Public Contracts Law (CCP) made in 2018 introduced some important innovations to public institutions, namely, the introduction of the Contract Manager.

The Contract Manager shall monitor in permanence the execution of the contract (s) under his responsibility, drawing up quantitative and qualitative performance indicators, appropriated to each type of contract, to be able to measure the performance levels of the contractor and the technical, financial and material implementation of the contract(s).

A public entity can manage dozens of contracts per year, being able now to be responsible for monitoring any potential deviations.


.main features {


.centralization {

Centralization of information resulting from the implementation of public contracts, allowing the export and automatic sending of relevant information to the Court of Auditors and / or specific parties involved, if such is requested by the Contract Manager.


.monitoring {

Continuous monitoring of the implementation of public contracts, which allows the linkage and centralization of relevant information (notes, files) from the various parties involved for each stage and contract.



.detect variances {

The Detection of financial, time and object embezzlement by issuing previously configured alerts/warnings as needed.



.registration of all occurrences {

Centralization and registration of all occurrences and communications made between the various parties involved throughout the execution of contracts.



.alerts {

Configuration of alerts for specific notable events (termination of contracts, delivery of contractual phases, warranty periods, specific events in the context of external financing programs, among others).


.metrics and performance indicators {

Provision (according to access permissions) of the metrics and performance indicators required to comply with the legislation, suppliers’ evaluation, monitoring the financial execution of funding programs and optimizing procedures through continuous improvement.



.GCP overview {

.dashboard {

After logging in to the platform, all users will have access to a metrics and information summary that are relevant to them, depending on their typology and degrees of access.


.user management {

The platform allows you to add, edit, and deactivate users by assigning them roles (Administrator, Administrative, Contract Manager, Financing Manager, and Vendor) and specific permissions depending on the roles they will perform.



.contracts management {

The contract management section allows the Contract Manager to add and manage contracts of all typologies considered by the CCP.



.communication center {

The platform’s communication center gathers the various notifications and communications made during the execution of various ongoing contracts for each party.



.reports {

The Platform provides a set of metrics and indicators resulting from the implementation of the different contracts.


.financial contracts {

The platform includes a set of functionalities that simplify and centralize the management of expenses and payments under each financing agreement, making the information regarding the applications and financial plans approved available.



.archive {

History of the execution of all contracts with the status “Completed”.




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