We’ve been to Pixels Camp!

by Nov 1, 2017

Pixels Camp is the successor to the former and famous Sapo Code Bits, of course we had to participate in these 3 intensive days dedicated exclusively to technology: talks, workshops, a 48 hour programming competition and many other related activities.
As we are not all old enough to endure 48 hours without sleep, we chose not to enter the competition, without giving up also to develop a technological product in which we all had an interest.
After a fair vote, the product chosen for development was a domotic central capable of centralizing multiple components, allowing and facilitating centralized control and communication of the hardware with a server (Raspberry Pi), in order to later allow its management and monitoring from mobile apps, web apps (or any frontend developed for that purpose).
Although we were too ambitious and unable to complete the project (but we were close!), the goal was undoubtedly fulfilled: We all had fun, we all learned anything and we even started a potential product for Codefive in the field of automation and smart houses.

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We finally launched our new website!

After almost two years of development and thousands of lines of code, tweaks and design changes, we finally had the time to ultimate and launch our website!
The goal was to present a website different from the usual and that would allow us to not only explain what we do and what services we offer, but also share our stories, experiences and geek experiments.

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We adopted a penguin!

We went to Jardim Zoologico De Lisboa and we didn’t resist adopting a penguin, the mascot and icon of Linux, the best-known open-source operating system.

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