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A platform to enable associations and institutions not only to improve the efficiency of their digital communication but also to invite their target audience to collaborate, share ideas and principles on a regular basis, building a real-time, two-way communication channel between the institution and the target audience. We developed a collaborative platform that allowed Portuguese to contribute with their ideas and values, resulting in a final document built collaboratively by the participation of thousands of users. This technology can bring institutions closer to people, so all the code developed is open-source and we invite the community to join us in this project.

Crowd sourcing “wikipedia-like” platform

that could gather modification suggestions regarding a basis structured document;

Share your own version

Allow each citizen to have his own version and unique link of that document, shareable on social and private networks;

Invite others to edit

Encourage a gamification dynamic, allowing each citizen to invite others to edit their own version of the document;

.you start here {

A raw version of the document and the feature buttons.


to collaborate, you need to login.

.now you can edit {

add, delete, amend, save, share, invite.


.backoffice shows it all {

relevant information and stats in a simple dashboard, provides the relational tree within all the versions and allows to export all the submitted data.


.is customizable and adaptive {

The technology can be customized and adapted to be part of an existing web-site and enables crowd-sourcing collaboration on structured documents, aggregating every amendments and additions on a unique version of the document for each participant.


.audience indicators {

In addition to the political ideals and thoughts submitted during the platform activity, the technology also generates several relevant indicators from the submitted data that allow a deep understanding of the audience and their social media influencers.


.free and open-source {

All the produced code will be released free and open-source, as we believe that all software should  be. All the produced code intended to extend the platform features will also be provided free and open-source for the rest of the community.


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