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We design and develop customized technological products and solutions, in partnership with IT, Marketing and/or Management departments, from small or large companies. We love the challenges that start-ups bring us and we have experience in developing proofs of concept and minimum viable products (MVP), with or without hardware integrations / IoT. We are big supporters of open source software and we’ll advise it whenever is possible and make sense.

In the course of our activity, we have developed, implemented and have specialized in technology solutions we consider references within its scope of activity, please scroll down to know them.


marketing automation

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This powerful marketing automation solution provides detailed contact tracking along with powerful contact nurturing tools to help you organize your marketing campaigns. Mautic automates the process of finding and nurturing contacts through landing pages and forms, sending email, text messages, web notifications, tracking social media, and integrating with your CRM and other systems.

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sharehub - open-source crowdsourcing collaborative platform

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A platform to enable associations and institutions not only to improve the efficiency of their digital communication but also to invite their target audience to collaborate, share ideas and principles on a regular basis, building a real-time, two-way communication channel between the institution and the target audience. We developed a collaborative platform that allowed Portuguese to contribute with their ideas and values, resulting in a final document built collaboratively by the participation of thousands of users. This technology can bring institutions closer to people, so all the code developed is open-source and we invite the community to join us in this project.

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Brand / institutional digital communication

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Mobile apps are here to stay and are now a must for many brands and businesses. However, the best way to acquire and maintain active users is to offer interesting content to the target audience, on a regular basis.
Thus, it is important to simplify content management processes and centralize all the contents and relevant information, allowing easy and aided insertion, categorization and dissemination in the desired channels ( site, facebook, SMS, app, push notification, among others).

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